The Sewing Machine Rex (Company, History, Cost, Review) Update 05/2022

Some sewing machine firms tend to fly under the radar. That is because they are not seeking attention but paying attention to the quality of their work. Or because they put a lot of their attention on the industrial side of the sewing industry and fewer individuals know about the company.

According to the company’s website, it has been in operation since 1957 and is not a business where one guy had the initiative to start. The company may be situated in India, according to the information collected from the about us page on their website.

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To learn more about the Rex Sewing Machine Company please continue to read our post. It does its best to provide you the most information that is feasible for this specific sewing machine company.

Who Makes REX Sewing Machines?

The short answer is REX does. It seems to be an independent company that was created and stayed in India. There is not much history supplied about this company and the individuals behind it, who created it, run it, and manage its sales, etc., are unknown.

Their website is deficient in a lot of facts in its history as well as its functioning. The company started in 1957 and it has maintained a solid position in its Indian market every since.

Over the past 60 years or more, this organization has been able to develop into other parts of Africa as well as the Middle East and Eastern Europe. They have a presence in around 36 countries in all.

According to their website they have “been granted multiple export excellence awards, we are now a Government of India Recognized Export House” and they claim to give the ultimate in production quality controls as well as customer service. They also have a fleet of vans to deliver good customer service to outlying places.

The REX Sewing Machine Company

From what little information that is accessible on the internet about this company, it seems that they have taken customer care and quality of products seriously. While the corporate website states they were created in 1957, another source pushes that date back to 1952.

REX Vijay Tailor Model Manual Sewing Machine : Home & Kitchen

Also, the firm website doesn’t list any leader or officers, that other page indicates that a Mr. Sarabjit Singh is the mentor for the organization and a Dinesh Dandona is the company CEO.

Their objective is to give the greatest goods available with a large enough selection so that its clients may choose the equipment that matches their demands. The remarkable thing about some of their sewing machines is that they seem identical to ones built by British and Americans in the 19th century.

There are a couple with more up to current designs but the ones listed on their website appear like they walked out of a history book.

REX Sewing Machine Models

This company makes a variety of sewing machines, and the industrial versions are designed and functioned similarly to modern industrial sewing machines. At least nine of these machines are currently for sale, and you can see them at this link.

Then there are several pages on their website dedicated to various sewing machines that appear to be designed for the domestic market. These are the ones that resemble Singer, Howe, and other sewing machine manufacturers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

There are few controls to worry about and the design is very simple. Some models also come in a variety of colors. Others are ornately decorated, similar to those found in the early stages of sewing machine production.

The RX 607Z has a lengthy review, and the threading design appears to be simple to understand and master. This link will take you to the full review. The different REX sewing machines can all be said to be built to last.

REX Portable Sewing Machine

The RX 607Z is one of those portable machines, with an all-metal frame that ensures it is both durable and powerful. It can also sew at 1,200 stitches per minute, making it a quick sewing machine for when you have a lot of work to do.

Other portable sewing machines have various features to ensure that your sewing needs are met. The SM-07 has a nickel-plated needle bar, an open shuttle race, and forward and reverse levers.

Except for the shuttle race, the SM-08 has similar features. This model has an oscillating rather than an open design. Their machine numbers begin with SM- 01 and go up to SM- 26, with some numbers skipped.

The company uses the same high-quality raw materials in these portable machines as it does in its industrial models. They are, however, given better colors and designs to distinguish the two.

Finding a REX Sewing Machine Manual

We recommend contacting the company directly to see if a sewing machine manual is available. The internet has a limited number of sources, with only a few websites having more than one.

You can find those websites here and here. Then go to this website to learn more. If you need to contact the company, they have a convenient contact form or an e-mail address where you can get assistance in finding the right manual. This link will lead you to that information.

Another option is to look up the many different dealers in your area and see if they have any manuals on hand. That would be one good source, and if they don’t have it, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

REX Sewing Machine Cost

There are no prices listed near their many sewing machines on the website, and there is no check out page. To get an accurate price, you’ll need to locate a dealer near you.

We found one online dealer who offered a range of prices for the various industrial models they sold. Prices ranged from $240 to a little over $1000. Then there were several on eBay, ranging from $50 to $450, and another company only offered prices in Indian Rupees.

Furthermore, one dealer refused to list the prices of their REX sewing machines, instead directing customers to contact them for more information. Just keep in mind that prices vary between dealers and countries, so the price we quote today may not be the price tomorrow.

Actually, more than one dealer said to contact them for a price, implying that these machines aren’t as inexpensive as they appear.

Finding a REX Sewing Machine for Sale

When it comes to getting the sewing machine you want, this is probably one of the easier tasks. A REX sewing machine can be purchased in a variety of ways. One thing is certain: the firm’s website does not encourage direct sales.

They probably didn’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping fees, customs fees, and other fees associated with sending products to other countries. As previously stated, one place to find REX sewing machines at a reasonable price is eBay.

REX Cast Iron Straight Stitch Composite Traditional Sewing Machine (Black, AB001) : Home & Kitchen

Simply type REX into their search box, and a slew of machines appear for sale. There are no dealers listed on the company’s website. However, you can always contact them to find one near you, or at the very least request a list.

We’ve already provided links to two REX industrial machine dealers, but a more focused search may reveal more.

Although this dealer does not list prices, you can check to see if they are close enough to meet your requirements.

There is at least one on Amazon right now, believe it or not. It costs between $400 and $500, and you can learn more about it at this link. When buying online or over the phone, just be aware of any shipping costs and other fees.

Our REX Sewing Machine Review

REX appears to make good sewing machines from what we’ve seen. The company has a great attitude, and they have a solid mission statement that guides their manufacturing and customer service operations.

The design of their regular sewing machines appealed to us because it was reminiscent of a simpler era. Each of those machines is attractive, comes in a variety of designs, and may lead your guests to believe you own valuable antiques.

However, the features appear to be limited, which may be a deterrent for most buyers. The industrial machines then appear to be industrial machines capable of performing as expected.

In some cases, they are quick when it comes to stitches per minute. They appear to be sturdy and built to last a long time. The prices are reasonable, and the commitment to providing excellent customer service is admirable.

Finally, the machines have a simple design that makes them simple to set up and operate. It does not appear that taking computer classes is necessary to learn how to operate their various sewing machines.

We recommend that you test drive one or two of these machines to see if they are as good as the top Western and Japanese brands that currently dominate the market.

The only way to know if these machines will meet your sewing needs is to try them out for yourself.

How to Thread a REX Sewing Machine

The following are the instructions for the REX Sailrite Walking Foot machine:

Place the spool on the spool holder next to the machine in step one. Pull the thread end up and through the hook at the end of the bar that is attached to the spool holder. Third, feed the thread through the hole in the top of the machine’s thread post. Pull the thread forward to the pigtail near the machine’s center.

Pass the thread through the first hole, down and up around the bar, and then down through the third hole on the three-holed bar. After that, you proceed to the tension knob and thread the thread through before proceeding to the take up lever.

When you get to that point, feed the thread through the hole and down to the needle bar thread guide, where it should go through the hole. Simply thread the needle from left to right once you’ve reached this point.

It’s a PDF manual for this machine that includes everything you need to keep it running smoothly.

REX Sewing Machine Needles

The beauty of sewing is that there is no one-size-fits-all needle for the various fabrics you use. The REX machines are the same way, as you’ll change the needle when switching from tougher to softer fabrics and vice versa.

Only one part store listed an Organ size 22 for the REX 607 model when we looked online. That should give you some insight into industrial machines. The universals might be suitable for residential models.

Final Thoughts

The fact that REX sewing machines are made in India does not imply that they are inferior to other brands. Industrial models should sew quickly enough to keep up with demand if you do a lot of commercial sewing.

The company’s attitude appears to be correct, but the only drawback is finding dealers who sell and service REX machines. They may not be a good option if they are not close to you.

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