How to Easily Shorten a Chiffon Pleated Skirt with Hem Pleats? Update 05/2022

When it comes to fashion, the appropriate length and other features are important. The length of your hair will determine how you look. Even with chiffon pleats, size matters, and the perfect effect is dependent on the right length.

How to hem a chiffon pleated skirt and make it a little shorter: There are a variety of ways to hem a chiffon dress and make it a bit shorter. The simple solution is to hem the garment to the desired length and then send it to the dry cleaners. Allow them to manage the pleats because they have the necessary equipment.

How To Hem A Pleated Skirt [Even Without Sewing!] -

Continue reading our article to learn more difficult methods of hemming your chiffon pleated dress. It’s jam-packed with facts that can come in handy if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Can You Get a Pleated Skirt Altered?

A pleated skirt can certainly be altered. There is a method to getting it done, as well as a few things to avoid. Because the pleats can get in the way, it’s not an easy task.

When hemming a pleated skirt or dress, start at the top. This will keep the pleats intact while still looking excellent. Working at the top is necessary since the pleated skirt will not have a traditional hem.

That truth instructs you to start at the top and work your way down. This rule also applies to any dress or skirt with embellishments on the bottom. These appealing characteristics should not be altered in any way.

Instead, as soon as you notice the pleats and other embellishments, proceed to the top and work your way down. Another thing to keep in mind is that chiffon is a slick and smooth fabric.

It’s also fragile, so proceed with caution. The good news is that hemming can be done by machine or by hand.

Can Pleated Dresses Be Shortened?

It is doable, and there are a few procedures to follow in order to do it correctly.

  • Step 1: Draw a line where you want the hem to end. If the gown is full-length, pin the hem back until it is about 3/4 to 1 inch above the ground. When you’re doing this, make sure you’re wearing your shoes.
  • Step 2: After pinning the hem, push the fold with your iron to make it nice and flat with no wrinkles. Following that, sew a straight stitch down the bottom of the hem.
  • Step 3: When sewing, a smaller needle is recommended. A 70/10 or 75/11 ratio should suffice. Trim the excess fabric after sewing the hem. Make sure you leave a little above the stitch line and don’t take off too much.
  • Step 4: Fold the fabric in half and iron it. The fold-up should only go so far as to conceal the stitches.
  • Step 5: Sew again, but this time move the needle one notch to the right and keep the fabric close to the feed.
  • Step 6: Press once more and you’re done.

When shortening a chiffon skirt or dress from the bottom, there is an extra step. You should take it to the dry cleaners and have it reconstructed for you. It’s possible that doing it yourself would be too tough.

How to Shorten a Chiffon Pleated Skirt

A pleated skirt can be hemmed or shortened in a variety of ways. Depending on their experience and interests, one might begin from the top or at the bottom. Before we continue, there is one precaution you need take to ensure that your hemming is perfect.

Before you begin, make sure the individual who will be wearing the skirt has put it on. This will aid in correct fitting and allow you to double-check all of your markings for accuracy.

The first step for those who like to work from the top is to fold the fabric down. If there is elastic, roll one at a time, making sure to roll the sides and back at the same time.

Then take a measurement of the fold and write it down. Remove any pins you used to keep the fabric in place. Remove the band by cutting it. You can replace it afterwards.

How to Shorten a Kilt or Pleated Skirt | Offsquare

If you don’t want the band to come back, add some elastic and make sure the join is at the rear center. To make the side seam, fold the elastic in half to find the center front, then sew the center front and back together.

Pin and stitch the side seams. Turn the garment inside out, fold it over, and repeat the overlock stitch. That concludes the discussion. Keep in mind that the approach you use is determined by the skirt’s style.

Another thing to consider is that the seam lines might make hemming a pleated skirt difficult. One cause for this is that the seam at the hemline may split open. It only takes a little sewing approximately 1/4 inch from the edge to avoid this scenario.

After that, press the skirt and overcast the seam edges to cover the hem.

How to Hem a Pleated Skirt by Hand

This procedure may take some time to complete, and you will need a lot of patience to complete it. Simply follow the procedures and your chiffon skirt or dress should turn out beautifully.

Step 1: Thread your needle with thread that matches the outfit’s weight and color. Then, about 1/4 inch below the raw edge, stitch. Trim the excess to about 1/8th of an inch above the straight stitch once that’s done.
Step 2: Press the raw edge against the wrong side of the fabric with your iron. Just past your stitch line, the cloth fold should be. This should completely conceal the stitches.
Step 3: Pick up a thread from the dress and a stitch from your stitch line with a little but extremely pointed needle. Pull the needle and thread through the hole without tightening the thread.

Maintain as near to the fold as possible with this new stitch. Pick up only 1 or 2 threads at a time from the fabric; any more and your hem will show.

Step 4: Continue in this manner until you’ve covered about 1 to 2 inches of length. Then gently draw your thread in the direction of the stitch. This will cause your raw edge to roll up and out of sight. Pull the thread firmly but not too tightly or forcefully to avoid bunching and bubbling.
Step 5: Repeat the process until your dress is completely covered. By this time, your raw edge and stitches should be hidden.
Step 6: Iron and press the hem to keep it neat.

How to Shorten a Pleated Skirt From The Waist

This is the most straightforward method for shortening a pleated skirt. Your pleats are still safe and should be able to withstand this without being damaged.

Step 1: If you’re making a pleated skirt, put it on and roll the elastic waist up until you reach the top of the skirt material. To identify this position, use a safety pin or another marking mechanism.
Step 2: If you wish to shorten the skirt more than one roll, snip off the elastic. Give yourself 1/4 more width than the elastic while reattaching it.
Step 3: Sew the elastic in its new location in a complete circle. Mark the quarters of the skirt and the elastic. Pin the elastic to the matching marks, keeping the pins out of the path of the sewing machine needle.
Step 4: Stitch the foot to the right edge of the elastic with a 3 or 4 thread wide stitch. Only approximately 1/4 of the material should be left over for the serger to trim.

Make sure the elastic band isn’t cut by you or your serger. Stretch the elastic and cloth to achieve a good fit.

Step 5: Trim the elastic’s lower border to the seam line to balance the bulk. Maintain the seam in the opposite direction of your serger.
Step 6: Sew the elastic down towards the skirt’s body. Remember to stretch the fabric as you sew.

After you’ve finished, your skirt or dress should appear less bulky.

Hemming Pleats Tips

It’s always helpful to have a few pointers, especially when hemming a complicated pattern like a pleated skirt. Here are some pointers to help you land the greatest job. These suggestions are not included in any particular sequence.

1. Determine the proper sequence.

To hem a pleated skirt it is better to start with one panel and do each one individually. After you have done that operation, you can start on the pleated seams.

2. V is for victory

Use a V mark at the point where your machine will start the overlock stitch. Make sure that mark is at the hem depth you want. You do not want the V mark too close to your stitch line. If you want a 2-inch hem, then the V should be at the 4-inch mark.

3. Pressing right

When you proceed to press the seam, leave the hemline exposed. Then remove your overlock stitches from the seam. Also, you can trim the surplus cloth at this time cutting down your bulk.

4. Get rid of wrinkles

When you start the procedure, you want to iron out all the wrinkles before you start hemming. Wrinkles will through your hemline off and create a crooked hem.

5. Get the correct fit

Make sure you or the individual who is going to wear the pleated skirt put it on after you iron out the wrinkles. You need to make sure the changes will have the skirt fitting properly and look beautiful. Don’t forget to double-check your measurements and marks.

Completed: Pleated chiffon skirt | Grosgrain Green

6. Avoid the splits

This can happen if you are not careful. The seams can split at the hemline and spoil the aesthetic of the skirt. What you need to do is sew the pleat approximately 1/4 inch from the edge, press the pleat and then overcast the seam to cover the hem.

7. Wear your shoes

This is a crucial step if you are trying to hem a full-length pleated skirt or dress. You want the hem to not touch the floor or get trodden on by the shoes. Keeping the hem around 1 inch above the shoes should do the work.

8. Check your needle size

When dealing with a chiffon fabric or a pleated skirt, you should make sure you are using the proper needle size to get the job done. Also, the needle needs to be very sharp, straight and not curved.

Some Final Words

Working with chiffon and pleats are not easy. When sewing a hem you have to be patient as chiffon could cause a lot of slipping and sliding as you work. That can get frustrating, so make sure you proceed carefully and accomplish one step at a time.

Remember going from the top down is the easiest method to hem a pleated skirt. That way you do not spoil the pleats or make a mess of an otherwise fine hem job. If you do ruin a pleat, the dry cleaners should not charge too much to repleat the skirt or dress.

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