The Sewing Machine Rex (Company, History, Cost, Review) Update 05/2022

Some sewing machine firms tend to fly under the radar. That is because they are not seeking attention but paying attention to the quality of their work. Or because they put a lot of their attention on the industrial side of the sewing industry and fewer individuals know about the company. According to the company’s […]

How to Easily Shorten a Chiffon Pleated Skirt with Hem Pleats? Update 05/2022

When it comes to fashion, the appropriate length and other features are important. The length of your hair will determine how you look. Even with chiffon pleats, size matters, and the perfect effect is dependent on the right length. How to hem a chiffon pleated skirt and make it a little shorter: There are a […]

Value of Antique Wooden Thread Spools (20 Recycle Projects) Update 05/2022

Everything has monetary worth. Good sewing machines have worth, as do new ones, and even ancient wooden spools have some value. These wood spools may be empty, but they attract a fair price when you want to go old school and avoid metal or plastic. Antique wooden thread spools are valuable because they are one-of-a-kind, […]

Chiffon Hemming Techniques (With Tape, Serger or Sewing Machine) Update 05/2022

When things go tough, their beauty appears to fade. That appears to be the case with certain particularly lovely materials. The more difficult they are to work with, the less enthusiastic they get about the cloth. Cotton isn’t available in every fabric. How to hem chiffon: You may sew chiffon by hand, and you should […]

Troubleshooting for the Singer 401A Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair) Update 05/2022

Even Singer sewing machines might malfunction due to grime and oil. No sewing machine, no matter how good it is, is immune to typical difficulties or an increase in dirt levels. The 401A can be kept going with a little elbow grease, a checklist, and some time. There are three things that any sewing machine […]

Sewing Illusion Fabric Tips: How to Make an Illusion Neckline? Update 05/2022

Flexibility is always beneficial. If you use the appropriate skills, you can find a lot of flexibility in various sewing projects. Plus, with the right neckline, you can go strapless. Accessories are also unnecessary because the correct neckline speaks volumes about you. How to make an illusion neckline: You can produce a nice illusion neckline […]